The ‘Kaleidoscope’ series is a biennial festival organized by HANDS Percussion. Since 2009, percussionists and musicians from Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam as well as home grown groups, have been invited to be part of the festival. The festival does not merely encourage and facilitate cultural exchange but it also introduces different kinds of music to our audiences. Besides concerts, there will be workshops and master classes. Performances at selected schools have also been planned. This year, we have invited Abbos Kosimov (Uzbekistan), Ben Walsh (Australia) and U-Hee Company (Korea) to participate. Locals, Mat Din and Dhol Alliance, will join us.



2nd Aug & 3rd Aug
4th Aug 8:30pm
5th Aug 3:00pm & 8:30pm


Date & Time:
- 2nd Aug (Thur) 8:30pm
- 3rd Aug (Fri) 8:30pm
- 4th Aug (Sat) 8:30pm
- 5th Aug (Sun) 3:00pm ; 8:30pm

Pentas 1, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre ( klpac)

Ticket Price:
RM108 / RM148 / RM188 / RM228


Buy 4 Free 4 for HANDS Club Member (limited to Category RM 188 & RM 228)

10% discount for HANDS Club member (limited to Category RM 148, RM 188 & RM228)



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